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Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test (VCS)

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Includes a near card, calibrated holder, answer key, record form and instructions.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE! as of February 22nd 2008

The Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test (VCS) from Stereo Optical examines clearness or sharpness of images, the ability to detect visual patterns. Optics, the ability to determine sharp contrast like newsprint as black and white, differs from the ability to denote contrast. Optics is predominantly used to determine focus definition. Subtle contrast as in shades of gray determine acuity. The VCS test measures the least amount of contrast between light and dark bars that is needed for the viewer to detect the bars.

Visual system function is a sensitive indicator of toxic effects due to the lipid solubility of toxins. Photoreceptors transduce light to neural signals that are processed by a variety of neuronal types in multiple layers of the retina prior to transmission for integration and discrimination that results in perception.

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Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test (VCS)
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